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Virtually every business enterprise requires dependable cash flow for smooth and efficient operation.  In fact, good cash flow management is a key component to the ability to grow almost company successfully.  But in today's challenging economy, with both customers and suppliers experiencing difficulty in accessing sources of ready working capital, more and more small business entrepreneurs are finding it increasingly difficult to manage cash flow and grow their businesses.

For many small and midsize business owners, factoring and accounts receivable finance provides the solution to their cash flow problems and working capital needs.  For manufacturing, distribution, and service sector companies doing business on a B2B basis, the unique characteristics of factoring provide broad benefits to small business such as:

With a factoring arrangement from Aegis Factors in place, your small business will enjoy immediate improvements in cash flow while still being able to attract new customers with 30, 45, even 60 day payment terms on their invoices.  We require no personal guarantees and offer advance rates of up to 90%.  Our factoring fees are some of the lowest in the industry.  In fact, our fees for 30 day factoring are often less than accepting a credit card payment from your customers.

Is factoring right for your company?  Find out more by exploring our website to determine if an Aegis Factors' factoring arrangement will benefit your small business and solve your cash flow and payroll finance needs.  You can also request our FREE guide to small business factoring, "When Banks Say...NO!" from our contact area.


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